Hi there! 

And welcome to Mother of Pearl. Let’s get acquainted, shall we? 

I’m a lover of funky, wonderfully wearable fashion that’s eco-friendly and unique. I’ve always felt that what we wear has the power to help our individuality shine. And it's been my long-time dream to own a retail fashion shop that provides threads that enable folks to do just that. Mother of Pearl is that shop, but my journey to creating it had many twists and turns!

It all started with my first baby, Luka Finn. He arrived into our world when I was just seven months pregnant; a silent Angel who never got the chance to draw his first breath with us here on Earth. Yet he has been a Light in the dark for me! His birth gave me some BIG realizations: 

💙 I have a plethora of Mother Love to give AND 

💚 I have the courage to keep my heart open AND

💜 I felt the call to shift the focus of my fashion retail shop to Little Ones. 

My love for Luka gave me the bravery I needed to later birth my daughter, Finley Pearl. Pearl and Luka’s Light helped guide me to create Mother of Pearl, my online shop specializing in sustainably made, hippie hip children’s clothing. 

Because why should fashion be limited to just adults? Why should we have all the fun?!? 

Mother of Pearl exists to help your BEAUTY-FULL Little One feel comfortable, fabulous, fun and confident in representing who they are now and who they might want to become. 

Just like all journeys, the fashion items offered by Mother of Pearl take time to complete. I proudly source handmade clothing and goodies from local vendors along the Alabama Gulf Coast. And I proudly work with artisans around the U.S.A. that create limited edition children’s pieces from organic, ethically-sourced fabrics.  

Just like your Little One, Mother of Pearl items are one of a kind and made with love. I hope you find something in my shop that helps their Soul light up and shine the way my Luka and Pearl do. 

Let the world be their oyster … they’re bound to find a Pearl!

XO ~ Amy O.