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Let's talk "personal" shopping: It's been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember to one day own my very own retail brick & mortar shop. A shop full of funky, artsy, one of a kind fashions. (and it actually wasn't until my pregnancy with my daughter that my shop would consist of baby and children's fashions) I dreamt of a shop with the ability to meet and greet beautiful customers. A shop we can personally engage and share stories whilst finding that perfect gift or outfit.

My dream has come true just with a slightly different variation. You see, I don't have that brick & mortar (yet!), instead I have this beautiful website AND what I refer to as my "gypsy shop". I find it so groovy that I can set up shop just about anywhere and get that personal connection I crave. My gypsy shop allows for incredibly beautiful settings, sightings and again, connection. 

If you follow my IG @motherofpearlshop you'll see the highlight for any upcoming markets for a chance to shop in person with me. Also, you can reach out to me if local to the Alabama Gulf Coast and would like to schedule a pop-up! motherofpearlshop@gmail.com